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20 years. >>> time is running out for four miners who might still be alive inside west virginia coal mine. the holes are being drilled into the ground to vent the lethal gas. >> it is the thought on everyone's mind. every hour that passes is an hour that could mean the difference between life and death. polls have been drilled, but crews must wait for the toxic methane to drop. >> we had a slight problem at the surface because of the high concentration of carbon dioxide. it was to the point that was affecting the drilling. >> search crews came agonizingly close to their search for the miners but were forced to turn back for fear of endangering the rescuers. >> it is very difficult and there is dust covered just about everything in the coal mine. >> there is still hope they will be found alive, that they made it to the one safety chamber that was not trapped. >> rescue teams are prepared. >> prayers are helping the families of the fallen and missing, families who could do nothing but wait. >> she has not slept, showered, changed clothes. she is not moving until she hears word about he
is on for people -- for a man who shot two people at the blue ridge parkway in virginia, near an overlooked at the parkway's northern end. the suspect shot a man and a woman with a shotgun. the male victim fell 150 feet off the overlooked and is in serious condition. the fbi and local police continue a search. >>> a herstown judge has sentenced a man to life behind bars for murdering a teenage friend. his 16 year-old daughter had convinced him that her father abused her. he is serving a sentence for soliciting her father's murder. >>> residents of fairfax county could soon be hit with higher fees. supervisors are considering raising home sewage bills by about $60 a year. they may reinstate a $30 vehicle registration fee. they are trying to close a $270 million budget gap. the hearing started today. >>> the plan to bring back street cars is running into trouble. rails are being laid for a street car network powered by overhead wires, but opponents say the wires will clutter city views and roadways. some preservation groups are pressing for carts that run on underground batteries rather than
to take pictures out on a bike ride. they are glad to have her home. >>> west virginia's governor ordered an immediate inspection of all underground coal mines in the wake of the deadly explosion. the 29 miners died as a result of the explosion in the massey energy mine. so far, high levels of gas have made it too dangerous to go back inside the mine. >>> batteries are to play in the package expansion -- explosion at a ups warehouse this morning. the explosion was an accident. >>> jon and kate gosselin will not face charges after questions about child labor laws. they said the dead child labor permits should have been it required an order for their children to appear on the television show. state lawmakers are reviewing their child labor laws for television and movie production. >>> hundreds of iceland residents are evacuating their homes due to a volcano. they have evacuated 800 residents. rivers near the glacier are rising, but the melted ice is a leading to flooding of fears. the volcano first erupted last month after sitting dormant for 200 years. >> volcanos in iceland -- a contradic
or longer to tackle. >>> plans for drilling oil off the coast of maryland and virginia are still in the works. this disaster could change that. we will take a look at that at abc 7 news at 6:00. >>> here is what else we're watching -- the temperature. we could be in for a hot weekend, with temperatures headed toward the 90's. putting away the sweaters or good? -- for good? >> let's take you up to our rooftop camera and look at the skies. it is clear once again appeared we're in the 80's in most places. -- it is clear once again. we are in the 80's in most places. 72 in annapolis. let's look at temperatures for tonight. we will fall through the 70's. 62 should be below. it will be a very miles 9. we could tie or break record highs. -- a very mild night. we could tie corporate record highs this weekend -- tie or break record highs this weekend. >> you can always get an update on our website wjla.com, available 24/7. >>> a man died after being taser by arlington police. it is the second time in as many months that the supposedly- harmless device has been linked to a death. >> that i
in virginia. something that has business owners worried about who is next. >> it seems to be on the rise and more violence. >> at this restaurant, one man hopped over the counter and used a gun to hit the manager in the head to get money from the safe. his partner stood lookout. >> i do not know what he is capable of. he is capable of anything at that point. >> detectives are looking if they may be the same man who chased a restaurant worker in manassas and pulled her hair to hand over cash. at the same restaurant, customers are surprised at the over the top violent tactics used in these robberies. >> it is unfortunate. >> in a hotel robbery, only one masked man brought to them and took the money. he told the woman to lie on the floor. they are hoping to get tips on these men before somebody gets hurt. >> the citizens' safety. >> prince william county detectives are working with counterparts in alexander and fair fox -- fairfax to see if their crimes are connected. gail pennybacker, abc 7 news. >>> we learned a car ran over a police officer's foot after a crash in this washington. this
southwestern west virginia appeared a little -- a little south west of roanoke. scattered showers, heavier thunderstorms through our viewing area around it 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. showers and thunderstorms becoming likely. temperatures will fall into the 70's. these storms could become severe. we will have the forecast in a few minutes. >> you can track those storms any time and get the updated forecast at our website, wjla.com. >>> a developing story. a qatari diplomat was going to visit a jailed al qaeda suspect when he touched off on major airlines care. here is what passengers are saying about this. >> there is new information being reported by the associated press. this embassy worker was headed to denver to visit with a man who was alleged to be an al qaeda member, picked up after 9/11. all of this information is tentative. that embassy worker reportedly wanted to have a smoke on the plane. at the qatari embassy in washington, d.c., plenty of security. it contained mohammed al-madadi, the embassy worker on a flight from denver -- to denver reportedly to meet with an al qaeda agent. he
be a ticket to come back. >> virginia residents are already $8,000 in the hole and they have not even left home. >> not the kind of person that can absorb $8,000 and shrug it off. >> they planned for more than one year to celebrate their 25th anniversary. the airline canceled their flights and the cruise line said the only way they get their money back is if the crossing was called off. >> this is the worst air traffic destruction ever and they cannot make an allowance for that? i do not get it. >> the flight ban is expected to be lifted tomorrow in britain. they hope to book on another flight but they did not have any luck because all of the flights are already sold out. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> what a mess. many military flights are being affected. wounded soldiers cannot be flown to europe so they are taking a 20 overflight across the pacific to enters the air force base in maryland. three have already landed. >>> frostburg state student accused in a deadly weekend shooting. tyrone hall shot ellis hartridge at a party.etts -- and brandon carroll at a party. >>> police say that she a
in virginia have mailed their firms in. 54% in maryland. only 47% in d.c. -- there is still a long way to go. at freedom plaza, there were drumming away and giving away the message today. mail back those 2010 census forms now. >> this is not april fool's day. this is no joke, people. this is census day. >> it is a quick and easy form -- 10 questions, 10 minutes. this will determine how legislative redistricts will be -- legislative districts will be redrawn. >> my family sent it the same day we got it. >> was it hard? >> it was pretty simple. >> do you know where in your house it is? >> on my dresser. i will turn it into day. >> earlier this morning, it was a chilly ball. people could drop off census forms and pick up freebies for doing so. >> you put it aside. pick that form up. it will take you a few minutes. >> for every% increase in the mail back response rate, the bureau saves taxpayer dollars because they do not have to send counters out door-to-door. that is music to the ears. >> we are getting more music here. they really want you to get those forms in by april 15 if possible. come m
area. battle at 72 along the harbor. 77 in fairfax. 69 in montrose. in charleston, west virginia, right now? 90. petersburg? 90. really intense warm air here in april. we'll continue to see warm temperatures around here. off to the west, temperatures are much cooler. the eastern half of the united states shrouded in mild air. a weakening system for the back half of the weekend. but we're still looking at a pretty nice stretch. doesn't get much better. we'll see temperatures into the upper 70's, near 80, all the way into the first half of next week. the only change i see, precipitation may come next thursday. until then, stew pennedous. enjoy it. it's wonderful. >> we are happy to take that news. tonight on "20/20," meet a man who after 30 years of using crutches to walk got up and walked on his own. doctors can't explain it. but the man attributes it to a miracle caused by pope john paul ii. his family is in awe. >> it wasn't something i thought i would ever see. >> i look at him like, get a haircut. >> it took me 30 seconds to realize he was standing there. no crutches. he's not leanin
that the devastating news. now he is stuck in a fight. he has been awarded custody in virginia, but the baby remains in utah. >> > coming up, vandals struck again and again in one little neighborhood. -g( music playing )one little - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m.. on your side. >> a man is under arrest accused of having a child pornography on his home computer. we are live from the prince william county courthouse with more. >> this has been a stipulation that has stunned people from the capitol all the way to prince william county. the 55-year-old was a sergeant that had served on the u.s. capitol police department almost as long as anyone there. outside the u.s. capitol,
into effect if all of the jurisdictions agreed. so far, none of the political leaders in maryland and virginia have endorsed this proposal. >> a lot of people to get on board. we want to know what you think about this one. go to wjla.com. would you pay 10 cents a gallon for a tax that does the metro? most voters right now say no. >>> after a week of volcanic ash cancellations, flights are heading back to europe again. we're live at the airport where there is still a long line of passengers waiting to get out of there and get back home. >> the frustration certainly remains. there are a number of people that will not get on a plane, but there's also relief that the and so on -- the handful of flights. the handful of travelers is one of hopeful anticipation. mary donovan and eight friends were supposed to leave sunday for london, but this towering volcanic eruption turn to travel into that upside down. >> every day? >> for the last four days, they were put on standby for one of the few flights bound for london. >> i am not going to believe it until i land in england. >> they are celebrating their
-year-old from triangle, a virginia, say she stole top of the line of luxury cars using a stolen identity and a smile on her face. >> her credit wasn't perfect, her income more than sufficient. >> on that day, she used an identity to steal from a woman in oklahoma and she said her name was christina and had an 800 credit score to back up. at 100% financing was not a problem. that same day, she bought and financed a mercedes at herb cordons in silver spring, then went to manhattan range rover in rockville and financed a $98,000 black range rover. sources say she told the dealership that she was a publisher. with stolen credit, she had her third set of luxury wheels in one day. >> she folded lot of people. >> check out these bank photos. the day after the car shopping spree, she stole a d.c. woman's license and withdrew $11,000 from the victim's bank account. when one of the three luxury cars and up at a police parking lot for an impound violation, she used a fake i.d. to get back. >> the woman at the heart of this case, her real identity, the police say she is unemployed and colle
cleared so hopefully that will clear up quickly. here is a look at virginia. the extremely slow on 95 southbound started near springfield and continuing to 123. an earlier crash made everything difficult route to the stretch. some very slow traffic in a lot of different places. back to you. >> thank you. >>> coming up, it is good but can be bad for your help. see what the government has planned for salty foods. >> the internet is buzzing after a researcher loses a top-secret device. >> they sacrificed their lives and come back less than whole. >> they sacrificed their lives and come back less than whole. how little competition is somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> a man walked into a bar and sa
virginia be flown at half mast in honor of the miners who were killed in the explosion. there was a moment of silence this afternoon to remember the victims. meanwhile, in his recovery workers have gone back inside the mind to try to find the final nine victims. there is still an investigation under way into what caused the explosion. >> police in alexandria found the mother -- found the bodies of a mother and her two daughters. if you have any information about a suspect, who we understand is still on the list -- -on in the lioose -- it is an urgent search. this is a booking photo that was taken several months ago. police believe he killed this woman and her little girl. >> why would he do that to his own flesh and blood? >> he had lived with this woman and her daughter. neighbors say she was a beautiful, quiet woman who was always with her daughter. >> sometimes i would see her bringing her daughter places. >> sunday morning, neighbors called police after hearing the sound of a fight from inside the 14th floor apartment. when police showed up, they found her and her daughter dead. the su
screening. rebecca cooper has the details. >> they came for the district, maryland, virginia, and across the country. they had a very clear mission, their advocates said want washington to focus on breast cancer. excess arise -- excess arrive in pink, many men and women gathered on capitol hill. >> we have over 250 people here today from all over the country and making individual business, many of them their first time. it is so important for our voices to be heard. >> this congressman supports their efforts. +.i'd give them and a she lived a lot longer because of early detection and treatment. >> the advocates say they have a research effect. >> it can also be shared with other types of cancers looking for early markers and early detection. >> right here in our office, one of our staff members, his wife is directly battling breast cancer. -- valiantly battling breast cancer. >> there are women who feel that they need to use their voice for those who can. >> these lobbyists were pushing for federal funding for breast cancer research and to make sure an amendment in the health care legisl
in virginia golf fans are paying close attention to the greatest. tiger woods seems focused on his image almost as much as his golf. on the second day he high fived a young boy in the gallery. >> he has problems like we all do. i think that needs to be left alone. >> somewhat he is studying his game more than his marriage. >> i think it is a private matter. >> he is a human being. >> tiger woods is one of the best ever -- >> for the past five months he has become real gold. a talk show hosts some of his listeners interest in five words. >> all tiger all the time. people are saying they are glad we stopped talking about the affairs. stop talking about the commercial. let's talk abou how this guy is doing on the course. >> some say his personal problem has tarnished his image. >> i feel disgusted. he said i had my moment in the sun and now i can get back on the golf course to make money. >> he scored one of the course. that plane that was holding banner taunting him, the faa grounded it. >> coming up, [inaudible] the officers -- they face a major setback. >> an adopted child is put on a pl
with scientists from italy. >>> a virginia college tops the list of the greenest schools. the college of william and mary is one of the most environmentally friendly colleges. there are green buildings in use of renewable resources and other projects. william and mary has programs that go toward facilitating improvements. >>> late april is starting to feel a little more like february for people in southern california. an unseasonable storm dumped snow, that is right, snow in san diego. the storm system from the gulf of alaska brought the high wind and heavy rain. temperatures are down 20 degrees below normal. and in colorado, a family as patching up this big hole after storms hammered that area. the house was hit by a blast of lightning, and the forces blew open a section of the roof. the damage will likely be in the thousands of dollars. the good news is that no one was injured. it would have been a different outcome. >>> all kinds of wild weather everywhere. snow is moving in the colorado area, there is severe weather across arkansas and mississippi. we are high and dry with sunshine. let's lo
and virginia. it is chilly to the north. a little bit later this evening, that will be the end of the rain. let's talk numbers. how about the pollen count? not the best in the world. 40's from the area. eventually dropping below that. before the rains come out enough pollen to give you a high reading. a good day for pollen suffers today because grain cleaned the air out. it will be back, though. a little farther south, it gets warmer. 78 in raleigh. much cooler to the north. the dividing line is very apparent on this map. much cooler air to the north and much warmer temperatures to the south. pittsburgh at 53. this will expand back into our direction and contract to the south over the weekend. our temperatures will go up and down and up and down. if you average it, a nice next seven days. a large portion of the country is high and dry. tomorrow, all of this cloudiness will continue that track to the southeast and get out of here. a lot of sunshine. mid 60's. much cooler to the north and east. here is our express. 39-45 for the overnight hours. sunshine through the day. 64 for a high temperature
on for the state of maryland. for virginia, it starts next week. for the district, some time in late may. for more information, go to our website at wjla.com. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> the head of security is testifying today after hacking into sarah palin's personal e- mail. he says he did not find anything incriminating in the e-mails. another person testified that she received threatening messages. >>> a 31-year-old ohio woman has been found safe in florida. police say she is in contact with her family and no longer considered a missing person. the married mother of a 1-year- old not missing after going grosz sale shopping. police found her car with eight flat tire and abandoned. >>> at least 60 passengers were hurt when a cruise ship made a sharp turn. it was traveling near the yucatan peninsula. one passenger says she was thrown out of bed. a spokesperson for carnival cruise lines say all of the injuries are minor. the ship is safely docked at its home port in taxes. >>> hundreds of schoolchildren stopped by the national mall by the earth day. the mascot, betty bison, was
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